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            Passion and technology behind Honda DCT
            bring you whole new experience.

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            PASSION BEHIND
            Honda DCT


            A new transmission has been invented, Honda DCT.
            It's not a manual, it's not an automatic.

            The DCTdevelopment began with the feeling of the developer saying, "We want you to enjoy more motorcycle ". We were looking for a new riding experience with a newest technology on a motorcycle(*) called DCT. It's a new proposal for a "New experience" sent from Honda to all rides across the globe.

            (*)Honda research

            Our goal is to pursue
            the "Jinba Ittai".

            Its the synchronization of the harmony between a rider and a motorcycle gives you an out of body experience.

            DCT maximizes the gears where the riders can feel the perfect timing of shift changes and the feeling of acceleration and deceleration, and performs the precise electronic control with each model. We focused on finding the ideal setting that offers you perfect rides on various scenes, like Relaxed Cruising, Sport riding on a winding-road and aggressive off-road riding. It's time for you to experience this joyfulness of Jinba-Ittai which means a motorcycle will become part of your body so you can take control the scenario.

            The passion and the technology
            that Honda uses will take you to
            the future of humanity and motorcycle.

            "Honda development laboratory is not for studying
            technology, but for studying human"
            quoated by Soichiro Honda.

            The evolutional idea that changes the concept of motorcycle with DCT knocked down various problems and finally succeeded production of the VFR1200F in 2010. The development team imagined that the customer's smile whith this automatic gear shifting. But, team didn't stop there and gave birth to the Flagship-model, GOLDWING in 2017. We will continue to create the future of DCT for our customers and will capture more precious moments with their motorcycles.

            Voice of Honda DCT riders
            in USA.

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